Discover How to Turn Your Stained Glass or Craft Hobby Into a Money Making Business

Everyone would just love to find out how to turn their hobbies, passions, etc. into ways to earn a living and design their lives. Yes, we are aware that money isn’t everything and that isn’t the reason we personally do anything. There are bigger forces involved that cause us to want to get money out of the way. Like helping others learn, enjoy, while enjoying ourselves. So, if you’re thinking this is just about money, you’re mistaken.

When we’re kids growing up we dream of miraculous things we want to be. Somewhere along the line our dreams don’t always turn into reality and for many of us we turn to becoming realistic instead of optimistic and we settle for doing things that we don’t necessarily want to do.

Come on, you mean to tell me you dreamed of being an administrative assistant, a collections agent, or an accountant? (Yes, I’m an accountant and no offense if you are the above – just trying to make a point).

Well in this information packed article, I want to share with you how you can turn your stained glass making hobby or any hobby for that matter into a money making business.

It probably won’t be easy and chances are you’ll have to learn some new things, but it could be completely worth it in the end. Imagine enjoying your retirement while bringing in extra income instead of working at Wal-Mart. Imagine replacing your income at the job you hate and doing something you love. Imagine dreaming again like when you were a kid. Feel how alive you’ll feel instead of the drudgery you feel when you sluff off to work each day. Imagine a part-time income to supplement the job you do love that pays for things you barely are able to save for.

This can all happen, but you are going to need a plan of attack:

Here are some of the things you’ll want to jot down and some of the tips that have helped other businesses become successful vs. the ones that don’t.

**Why do you want to do this? Your reason(s) why are very important.

**Goals & Dreams. From how much money you want to make to how much time you’re willing to put in. Write down your wishes, your dreams, and your goals. Set time-frames. It really does work!

**What types of products/services will you sell? Yes, you’ll have your craft products, but what about other types of products? What about your knowledge, tools, supplies, the art itself, etc…
There are many ways to bring in money while helping others enjoy your art!

**Is there a need, want, market for what you’re offering? How are you going to be different than all the other folks selling their art/crafts? I can’t tell you how many festivals and shows I’ve been to where every other tent is the same type of product. The question you must ask is, what makes me want to buy something over the hundreds of other products being offered? You can sell the same type of product as others, but your service, delivery, price, and other aspects are what makes people buy from you.

**How are you going to set up your business? This is a good time to seek the advice of an accountant or attorney. Don’t go spend hundreds of dollars yet. Spend time on some of these other things first before you go setting up shop. You can also start out with just a business name and reseller’s license (if your state requires one). This gives you the ability to purchase from manufacturers and wholesale companies.

**How are you going to promote, market, sell, and distribute your products? This section is crucial. If you are doing this in your spare time, you must ensure you set up a system of sorts that will do most of the work for you and enable you to work smart instead of hard.

**Speaking of marketing and selling, what will be your means of doing this? How are you going to let people know that your art is worth buying? There are many ways and many books written on these subjects whether you have zero budget or a large budget to work with. Some here include, shows, fairs, flea markets, auctions, websites, direct mail, joint ventures, home selling, open a store, advertising in publications, writing expert articles, and more. Aside from actually making your art, this is the most fun and exciting part! This part will also make or break your business!

**How about a budget or cash flow? Chances are you’re spending money each month or so, on your hobby now. Just allocate that to a marketing and selling budget and work within your means. Allow for the purchase of additional tools, supplies, software, and so forth that will be necessary to make this all happen. You can do things on a shoe-string, but you must plan accordingly. Now is a good time to consult an accountant regarding business set up, taxes, and budgets.

All of this goes for anyone who wants to start a business whether you want to make $100 per month or $100,000,000 per year.

There are entire books, courses, and more designed on this subject. I have read and followed many. It’s simple to follow, but not easy to do. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

However, since you’re already spending time on your hobby/passion, now you just need to implement some additional steps to turn those pieces of art and your knowledge into a thriving business.

We hope this help shed some light on what you’ll need to do to start a successfully, selling company around your art/craft.

We have seen too many folks spinning their wheels trying to make something work when with a little homework, they could’ve saved themselves a lot of headaches. Don’t let that be you!!!

Martial Arts As a Hobby

Are you considering taking up a hobby but struggling to think of something that really sparks an interest? How about considering the martial arts? Possibly Wing Chun and Jeet Kun Do make a great hobby and can provide you with a number of health benefits as well as quickly become a positive life influence.

Many people think of the arts as something they have to take very seriously with absolute commitment and dedication forcing other aspect of your life or additional hobbies and interests into the sideline. Whilst its true that to become a good martial artist you must commit your time and energy and have plenty of patience and perseverance, it is possible to treat martial arts as a fun pastime and effective way to get fit. This is true for the large majority of people who become involved in some form of the arts. Very few individuals actually expect to use their skills in a real street fight situation but it is nice to know that you have the ability and tools accessible to defend yourself should you ever be required to.

More and more people, especially women are beginning to recognise the benefits that practising the martial arts can provide. As a form of exercise it is non-repetitive and always interesting, which is a sure advantage over the monotony of the gym and other forms of exercise. Martial arts such as Wing Chun, which is the world most popular form of Southern Kung Fu, will promote stamina, strength and flexibility. It is a great way to improve your body and general fitness. Attending a class of student, with whom you will quickly become familiar and comfortable is also a great way to meet new people so as the same time as getting a great work out, there is also an element of socialising.

Even those who started out doing this purely for fun will often find that the challenge of continuous self-improvement to be exciting and stimulating. The arts provide a life-long challenge, as there is always room for improvement. As well as pushing you physically, many find that they are mentally stimulated at the same time. Through the practise your mind is trained to focus on a task and to ignore irrelevant distractions. This is another great benefit of taking up the martial arts as a hobby as the positive effects will be experienced across a variety of aspects of your life.

As you can see there are a great number of reasons that this art can make the perfect hobby. If you have a little extra time each week that you want to spend using to enhance different areas of your life, then the martial arts are well worth considering.

Hobbies Which Can Help You Make Money

Hobbies are activities which can help one relax, rejuvenate the mind when tired and also act as a motivating factor to help you achieve success. There are many hobbies which one can choose from and make the best of them. Many people start off with a hobby which later they convert to their profession, which not only helps them enjoy but also earn from it. Here are a few hobby ideas which can help you reap financially.

1. Arts and crafts – arts and crafts are many – doll making, candle making, painting, stitching, origami, quilling, wood carving etc some of the many arts and crafts ideas which one can use productively. These days, many people are moving towards developing a new hobby which can be done in a limited time and also at their own pace. Not only can one relax with a hobby, they get to learn a new skill and also put it to good use.

2. Photography – this hobby usually converts to a career choice for many. Photography has a wide scope – wildlife, still, portraits, nature, etc which can intrigue anyone. For most photography enthusiasts, what starts off as an interest, develops to a passion/hobby and turns to a career.

3. Travel – Yes, traveling can be a hobby which can translate to money generation tool also. As a person who likes to travel, blogging about the places, places of visit, guiding others for some well spent vacation etc are ways to help you earn while you enjoy your hobby.

4. Writing – blogging is a creative art with many opportunities opening up for budding writers. People who have good vocabulary and a penchant for writing can earn from the comfort of their own homes. Students who have a good hold of the language too are able to earn the extra income for pocket money, thereby reducing the dependency on their parents.

5. Web designing – many students who are addicted to the computer and intrigued by designing can benefit from it. They can use their expertise to create games, design web pages and also earn from the same. Many companies are looking for freelancers who can work at the comfort of their home and still be able to contribute towards the company’s growth.

6. Gardening – gardening is considered as a hobby only for the elderly, but it is not quite so. Gardening is a hobby which can help in spreading the green wave everywhere. Plants need to be nurtured and the methods depend on the climate, plant, mud in the pot and so many other factors. Companies look for landscape artists who can create a work of art in the space available, bringing in a greener place.

Oil Painting- Transform Your Hobby Into a Profession

In ancient days, art was one of the features to describe a civilization. Various civilizations had different arts and artists to embellish their castles, house and so on. Ancient artists used different painting methods for different arts, and one of the most popular forms was Oil Painting. There are a number of work pieces that can be found existing even today. However, the traditional way of oil painting has changed today and in its place a modified and modern art of oil painting has evolved.

Today, Oil Painting is one of the finest arts to work out with and can be one of the best activities to get engaged with but remember one thing, this can cost you a relevant amount of money. However, you just have to look for perfect items required for the painting. If you are intensely fascinated toward Oil Painting, make sure that you have all the necessary tools to start with your hobby. Today you would find numerous of people who started oil painting just as a hobby but now have transformed their hobby into a full time work. To top it all, most of them have become great artists and earn quite a lot of money with their preferred hobby.

If you have a fascination for oil painting or have pursued this as a hobby for a long time, and now you want to come out to a more professional level than you need to understand some of the basic things. There are many things to know about Oil Painting, such as the auctions taking place around you in different art galleries, where you can learn about the ideal prices for different paintings. Thus, you can understand about the auction, and can sell your own art to different interesting people, and can make money out of your own hobby.

There are various techniques that are used in Oil Painting. High quality colors and different types of brushes are necessary for quality painting. Moreover, Oil Painting is done on a special type of quality fabric known as Canvas; after the painting is done, the canvas appears to be bright and glittering. One of the main advantages of Oil Painting is that, you can preserve it for a long time.

Though oil painting at first might look like a tough job, but on the contrary it is very easy, and you just need to be creative and give colors to your imagination. However, to become an expert you need to take help from an expert. In oil painting, brush strokes and color combination also matters quite a lot, so you also need to concentrate on that and no one other than skilled oil painter would be able to make you learn so. Online help is also very effective in this case.

Moreover, you should find genuine dealers for your paintings. Today Oil Paintings have a great price in the market. You can earn thousands of dollars with your painting. Just you have to find a right dealer and the best art galleries where you can find the actual price for your master work.

Are you able to bring your creativity on to your canvas? Will you take action step by step, if I help you to learn drawings and paintings until you succeed? Grab 6 lessons on Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Fabric Painting, Pencil Drawing, Color Theory.

18 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Hobbies

We teach our children many of the skills and experiences to prepare them for adulthood. Home education and some form of formal or academic education, together with a wide range of social experiences help our children grow in many ways.

But what can we do to equip children with the unique skills and experiences that will enrich their lives in other ways?

Learning a hobby is my number one choice for the enrichment of a child, and here are 18 reasons why:


Has great entertainment value – Hobbies are a wonderful opportunity for the extra-curricular development of your child, providing additional learning perspectives while the child is being entertained.
Makes good use of spare time – Instead of lounging around or watching excessive television or loitering in parks and streets, hobbies can be a great way to keep your child occupied in relevant activities which they enjoy.
Stops your child from getting bored – From time to time, all children complain of being bored. Having a hobby to engage their interest in, is invaluable in relieving that problem.
Encourages using external sources of information – Having a hobby can help your child to learn independently of an adult e.g. a child can learn to fold paper and make origami objects from a book; she can learn and make a delicious recipe from the internet; she can learn and try out hair-styling from an instructional CD.
Teaches different skills – E.g. crafting and cooking are hands on activities, sports exercise the whole body, puzzles challenge the mind, performing arts and debating develops verbal skills.
Improves motor skills – Crafting teaches fine finger-movements; cooking and sports such as badminton and tennis, teach hand-eye co-ordination; ball-games e.g. football, basketball etc. improve accuracy while skate-boarding improves balancing skills.
Increases listening skills – In addition to developing musical abilities, learning a musical instrument can result in your child learning all of the above (as listed in reason 6). It doesn’t have to be music but listening to others’ opinions, or the instructions of a martial arts’ master can also increase your child’s ability to listen carefully.
Develops fitness, strength and endurance – All sports including cycling, swimming and martial arts will help your child’s physical capabilities and general state of health.
Improves social skills – Playing board games and team-sports encourages trust in others and trustworthiness. Participating in a choir or a gardening club requires a child to be less self-centred and more considerate, teaching her to act as a part of a whole.
Increases self-confidence – As a child improves in a particular skill, so does it increase the child’s sense of self-esteem.
Develops strategic thinking – Your child’s mind will be stretched beyond their daily thinking capacities when pursuing pastimes such as the classics: chess and draughts, board games like Ludo, some video games, Mancala, Chinese Checkers, Rubik’s Cube, code-breaking games etc.
Improves deduction skills – Some activities will help your child to sharpen her ability to ‘think outside the box’ i.e. use the information available and use it in an unusual way. For example, some scouting activities may demand the development of deductive skills and innovative thinking under limited conditions.
Develops word-power and number-power – Any hobby which involves extensive use of the written word or numeracy skills will ultimately increase your child’s competency in these crucial areas of communication. This may be as simple as reading and following an instructions manual for assembling a model.
Improves management skills – In order to make time for her chosen hobby or hobbies, your child will soon learn to manage her homework and chores. She will also improve in her management of time for other social arrangements such as spending time with family and friends.
Losing and winning – Competitive sports and activities teach children to be good sports, whether they win or lose. They can help your child to deal with anything less than success with grace, learning that winning is not always as important as participating.
Quickens reflex responses – Some electronic games can be useful for sharpening a child’s wits, and processing and responding to multiple stimuli. There are many educational and fun electronic gaming systems which a child can engage in and benefit from. However, it is recommended that parents check and screen video games to determine suitability for the age of their child. In addition, it is best to talk over and agree with the child about the length of playtime per day.
Develops a child’s sense of achievement – When a child successfully reaches a milestone in her chosen hobby or follows a project to completion, she is rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment and pride in her work.
Can lead to tangible rewards – A finished jigsaw puzzle or art project, a successful sporting event resulting in a medal, a completed Rubik’s cube in her hands, or a well-attended choir recital – these all offer real, tangible recognition of your child’s sustained efforts and serve as encouragement for continued progress in her chosen hobby.

If your child doesn’t already have a hobby which she enjoys in her spare time, offer her the opportunity to try out a few of the pastimes referred to in this article (or any other hobby you consider suitable for your child). If your child has a favourite hobby, encourage her to pursue it to the next level and support her activities by providing resources, time and opportunities which will help her to develop in up to 18 different ways.

I am an experienced teacher of high school Science and have taught in mixed-ability inner-city schools. I provide one-to-one tuition in a range of subjects to students aged between 5-18. In addition, I have two children of my own, in high school.

Beautify Your Home With Art Collectibles As a Hobby

Collecting art is a very interesting and enjoyable hobby to start… There are many different categories of art collecting among them are wooden eggs, saw blades plates, thimbles, Christmas ornaments, and figurines. Some of these can be purchased from companies that run limited editions, like the Bradford Exchange. These items have been hand painted and over time can increase in value. Some collect designer rugs as art and of course fine art paintings.

As you begin your art collection you will probably find an artist whose work you admire and they will be your favorite. You may to have a collection of your favorite artist work only or it can consist of several artists. Some collectors choose a particular theme they enjoy to base their collection around such as birds , wild animals, cigars or any thing that interest them.

Art collecting does not have to be a rich persons hobby like some one who spends thousands on an original Van Gogh. You can choose art that is very inexpensive like postcards which can be very interesting theme to get started with and postcards will fit even the most modest budget. You can choose cards you really appreciate and have a collection you can enjoy for years to come.

A really good source of art collectables whatever type of art you choose is eBay. The choices are almost unlimited and you can sell items to purchase others making the impact on your budget practically nothing. Other places to look for inexpensive art are flea markets, thrift shops and yard sales. You may find a real treasure some one is getting rid of.

There are artist in any part of the world you choose. It is a good idea to check out your local artist and see what type of inexpensive art you can find. Art collecting can be a great way to remember your travels most local artist will have art based on the area around them and you can take a piece of the area home with you..

If you enjoy pretty and interesting things around you consider art collecting as a hobby and fill your home with masterpieces to enjoy and enrich your life with beauty.

How to Choose a Hobby – My 3 Top Tips

Do You Want an Outdoors Hobby

That’s fairly self explanatory. Some people after being shut in an office all week might like to get outdoors. A running or walking group. Bird watching, bush walking, nature photography, orienteering either on foot or bicycle, gardening which is outdoors but at home. Maybe start up a vegetable/herb garden. Even if you’re renting or short of space there are all sorts of pots and planters to use. And eating what you’ve grown is awesome.

The thing with outdoor hobbies is they are usually Group activities so will get you socialising with new people. Also there is the health aspect. Tai Chi is another 1 have thought of. It’s outdoors, very good for total body wellness but not as strenuous as bush walking. Most people have some idea of what they’d like to do, something that friends may be involved in, or something that they used to do as kids but let it go because of one of many reasons.

Would You Prefer An Indoor Hobby

There are many, many things that are classed as indoor Hobbies. Art/Craft activities, dancing (a wide variety from Belly Dancing, Rock’N’Roll, Jazz, Swing, Ballroom plus more). Photography, portrait or other. Collecting, anything from spoons, stamps, you name it, people collect it.

As with the Outdoor Hobbies, many of the Indoor are also Group Activities. The Dancing for example, obviously you’d meet many new people at the Classes. Also there are heaps of Classes run at Community centres etc for Art and Craft lessons, things like drawing, water colour, oils, pottery and sometimes some quite specific such as Folk art. There are also lots of Hobbies mthat you can do on your own at home, some people knit blankets for orphanges in Third world countries, or make knitted or wooden toys. That’s a Bonus if your Hobby can benefit others. It’s also a Bonus if your Hobby that you enjoy can earn you a bit of money, even if it’s only enough to cover your costs. making things at home can be really rewarding, toys, soaps, other personal care products, candles, cards, things like these will be welcomed by charity organisations to sell but your friends and family and others might also be interested in paying you for your wares.

Does Hoarding (Collecting) Interest You

As I said above there are literally hundreds of things you can collect. From the more traditional stamps and coins, to buttons, egg cups, ornaments of a particular animal, such as frogs, zebras take your pick. Collecting would also get you out the house, searching garage sales, op shops (thrift shops), car boot sales. And with a bit of research you might find yourself a valuable bit of something and only pay a pittance for it.

You only have to watch antiques roadshow to see that people can pay as little as 50c fro something because they liked it. but it turns out to be worth hundreds. The one thing with Collecting, you do need space to store your collection. With any hobby you’ll need somewhere to put your bits and pieces but a Collector can use entire rooms. Spacewise it’s wiser to collect stamps, coins, teaspoons, rather than teapots or garden gnomes or bigger.

Hobbies are great, you can do them by yourself or with others. They can be very physical or not so. They can be purely for your own enjoyment, maybe for financial gain, maybe to enhance the lives of others. But hobbies are good for the soul, distract and relax. Gets your mind off the daily grind.

If you’re looking for something to do at home, that isn’t going to take up hepas of space, that will be enjoyable and rewarding. Something that you can give to others, something that they may even pay for well check out the link below. And Happy Hobbying.

Decorate Your Home With Art Collectible Objects

Many people like collecting as their hobby for fun, and one of the most interesting things to collect are art collectibles. These art collectible things can vary such as saw blades, wooden eggs, or anything that is painted with artwork. Moreover, people also collect other things like designer rugs, fine art paintings, limited edition plates, thimbles, and many more.

Collecting art objects is usually considered as an expensive hobby by most people, because only rich people can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to buy an original Van Gogh. However, art objects do not always have to be expensive, such as collecting post cards for example. You can get high quality glossy postcards printed with some of their more notable acquisitions at most art museum gift shops.

People who like collecting arts usually also have their favorite artists whose works they appreciate. Some choose to focus on one particular artist, whereas some other collect things from some artists’ works. Some people also like to collect arts based on a theme they enjoy such as piano music, nature, classic, etc.

Another good thing about art collections is that you can find them in every part of world. But even if you do not travel much around the world, whatever your art collections are, you can always find and add more of your collections on eBay. eBay has been known as the best place for online auctions. Not only you can buy collectible things there, but also you can sell your things if you want to.

Collecting art objects is very fun, it makes your life more interesting and also makes your home more beautiful by decorating it with art masterpieces.

Top 6 Tips on How to Help Select Kids Hobbies For Your Children

As Children grow up and their interests expand, many kids will fill their time with hobbies, usually settling on a couple different hobbies to provide after school enjoyment.

When trying to help your children find hobbies to enjoy, you may be in for an interesting time as most kids can make a hobby out of nearly every and anything. Many children have multiple curiosities so that helping reduce that number to something more manageable may seem impossible. We have compiled below a few pointers and a set of questions you can ask yourself and your children to make sure they find the perfect hobbies.

* Start Simple

The best thing you can do when trying to find your child’s hobbies is to make a list of all of their interests. You can usually glean a lot of insight from this by seeing if there is a common element to the things they like.

* Is Your Child Active or Inactive?

Some children can be highly active with energy to burn. Others lead a more sedentary life. If your child is on the active side, perhaps they’d be best suited for a sport. If they are not highly active individuals, a better choice may involve something a little more low-key such as learning an instrument.

* Are they Artistically Inclined?

Certain kids seem to have been born with a pencil, felt- pen, paintbrush, or crayon in their grip. These kids could easily sit and make art for hours. Others however, can barely stand the idea of arts and crafts. This question can help you cut down the number of potential hobbies to choose from….or add to the list, depending on where your child comes out on the topic of art.

* Does your Child have a Passion for Music?

If so, there are a number of music related hobbies to try out; from learning a musical instrument to joining a school or church choir. On the other hand though, your child may not be able to sing a note, pluck a string or hit a chord.

*Relate Your Past Experience

Take some time and reflect back on your past. Ask yourself what you did for enjoyment as a child. Mention some of the hobbies you did as a child to your kids and explain what it actually entailed. Your kids may like the sound of something they hadn’t thought about once they hear more details. You also may still have gear or supplies from your pastimes that you can pass on to them.

*Is your Child Multi-talented?

If your child enjoys taking on a few things at once, perhaps they would enjoy some more long-term hobbies such as building models or scrap-booking. These types of hobbies require a variety of skills, lots of patience, and a dedication to seeing a project through.

So with that, be sure to encourage your child to contemplate a number of different activities, try a few, and select their favourites to continue on with. If your child is passionate about an interest they develop in childhood, it may become a lifelong pursuit and something they can make a career out of it. Often with children’s hobbies, it is about the journey to find their fun. Make sure you present them with a variety of different hobbies and activities. After that, it’s up to you to take a step back and let your child choose the hobby that’s a perfect fit for them.

Nowadays, internet had been ultimately used in various kind of things. From selling goods to provide free information to people worldwide.

To me, we must not put Internet aside as one of important platforms to make money and generate income out of it.

To market your hobby in arts and crafts with Internet, I’m 100% agree and directly give my support that Internet could double,triple or even quadruple your income compared to offline businesses.

Here, I will reveal out 5 reasons why you need to use Internet to market your hobby worldwide :

1. Marketing worldwide means you need to deal with millions of Internet users on the line every minute,every second and every day. If just 1% from 1 million visitors buy your product with just USD10 a product, you’ll be getting USD100,000.00. That’s just 1% buy from you. There are millions of web visitors every day. Just imagine!

2. Marketing your hobby will be much much more easier by using Internet. Some of the business through Internet need not you to have your own product but you can sell anything. Repeat, almost anything even you don’t have any idea who run the business. What you mainly need is your own commitment to promote the product and you’ll be getting commission out of it.

3. By using Internet, you can run your business wherever you want – even at the top of a mountain(as long as you can reach the Internet line). This mean that you can start to spread out your unique hobby in any place you like especially from the comfortable of your own house or at least as your part time job(if you don’t want to let go your permanent job).It’s up to you. If you made up your mind to start your business from your house, you need to accept that you’re the boss, you’re the coolie and you’re the staff. So, you will be getting 2 main passions – you will start your own business just by following your own hobby, passion and interest and second, your business will be running from the comfort of your own house without to think about the protocol of office jobs, arguing about parking place, sticking in the worst traffic jam and pressuring with unsettled workload day after day.

4. Some of unique or creative hobbies are just known in certain part of the world. If you want to sell the output or product of your hobby to local people, perhaps the products will be getting less profit because majority of the local people have the same hobby like yours.By using Internet, the unique hobby will be recognized and spread beyond your boundaries and the door to bigger income will be opened widely.

5. Internet is just not for selling physical products. With the increment of unstoppable computer technology, you can show your unique hobby in any shape through any platform. You can try to use video link, e-book, images, patterns etc. Those kinds of technologies will make your life easier. It means that you don’t have to manage your business physically. It can be done by clicking at your computer mouse only. Obstacles and fences that you need to go through in running business offline can be minimized through Internet.

So, the conclusion is Internet not just even make ideas in your head as a reality but you can market almost anything with your own hobby. In this case, guidance and references are important to make your dream come true.